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June 1, 2005
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Zeal with Lavos -colored- by SirLadySketch Zeal with Lavos -colored- by SirLadySketch
I have but one thing to say-


Not because he wants to take over the world and eat everyone, not because he popped out so many spawns that had to be killed any time you wanted to progress in Chrono Trigger, not because he sealed Schala up in a crystal thingie, causing her to clone herself with a really bad dye job.

None of these things are of any consequence.

Coloring the friggin alien is what got me. I swear, when I get some more things taken care of, I will go with my maxed out Chrono and kill the porcupine. Again.

Now that that's out of my system... ^_^

This thing did take a long time to color- two days, and I fell back into my old smudge tool habits. Forgive me -_-;;;
Anyway, coloring of this sketch: [link] Old sketch to begin with, Zeal has something weird going on with her face, but whatever, it's better than it was before. Comments are appreciated- I'm not touching this thing again for a loooooooong time though, so if you want instant gratification with tweaked pictures, you're out of luck ^_^
Anyway, enjoy, go play the game- Chrono Trigger.


Well, not really an edit, just a fun fact. This picture was posted on rpgamer (.com)'s fanart page! Whohoo! You can now find me in their fanart archives! Woot!
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Great work on this, having the Queen on Lavos really shows the scale well, and makes him intimidating.
Awesome picture, I love Lavos, although, I fucking hate Zeal. She's such a bitch -_-

But Lavos is AWESOME and so is this picture :>
ThousandDancingNinja May 23, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
*Bows before total awesomeness*
I love the coloring... And the details =D

*Wishes I could draw*
Chrono Trigger's my fav game of all time ^.^
I wish they still made games like that.
Amazing. I should try drawing Lavos but Noooo! My frigging wrists won't have good enough pulse to go an draw something good.
Ahem, this is really nice and I love how you put Zeal holding one of the many spikes of the evil parasite. Really cool job!
SirLadySketch Jul 22, 2007  Student Artist
Thank you~~ :heart: :D
sure. any time!
Wow!! Lavos looks awesome!! Great job!! I fear the day I'm crazy enough to actually attempt him.

I get to fave this one, too, now. :D
*points and laughs at zipis1* Haha, I've already beaten him one-on-one with Crono, showing my utter MASTERY of the game. :ninja:
Oh, I've already done that, too. I meant attempting him drawing wise. :) THAT is scary...he's all pointy and stuff.
SirLadySketch Oct 18, 2005  Student Artist
Tell me about it ^_^;;
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